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Phil's page

Page history last edited by Phil Johnson 9 years, 7 months ago

This is Phil Johnson's page for resources, documents etc. related to the C-SAP cascade project


Our plans for edupunk are here


Title   Content File type  Date created 
Pre-meeting task Initial thoughts on cascade project 

Task 1  

Reflections on the December Task (part 1)

doc  13/12/10 
Task 2  Reflections on the December Task (part 2) doc  13/12/10 


Task 3: Cascade Plan


This plan has been devised by Craig and myself in order to assist with the cascade of OERs in a HE in FE environment. The plan has been drawn up at http://prezi.com/ylyxr5blfdul/cascade-of-oers 


We seek to illustrate the evolving nature of OERs and see the process as consisting of several important and related links. It is hoped that the opportunities provided by the vast range of free resources will encourage tutors to engage with the process but the lack of time colleagues have to search jorum etc has already been seen to be a problem. Therefore to encourage engagement we feel something more is needed and are therefore creating a staff development programme called 'Creativity for Edupunks'. This is intended to be a 33 hour course that staff at UCBC are allowed to take in order to claim remission from their teaching load and we hope we acquire senior management approval to run it from September 2011. The course will be primarily on line and will enable colleagues to become both OER consumers and producers. Intended specific topics will include:

- explanations of how the different Creative Commons licences are applied to learning resources

understanding of OERs and the concept of “openness”

- their acquisition for teaching, research and curriculum design purposes

- contemporary pedagogy concerning the gap between research and teaching

- the narrowing of gaps between ‘standard’ HE students and those in HE in FE

- applied examples of innovative assessment possibilities


If the course is successful we intend to seek validation for it to become a level 4, 15 credit option module for all UCBC students.


We see 'Creativity for Edupunks' as providing the necessary OER engagement and reflection and the final stage of our cascade plan involves the public display of the resources and their production, from both lecturers and students, feeds back into the process.


Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales

Comments (6)

Phil Johnson said

at 4:45 pm on Oct 21, 2010

Yesterday was a really useful meeting as it provided some shape to the ideas that I have been discussing with Craig. The journey back from Birmingham was also helpful as it allowed us to discuss things in more detail and whilst the day meant an early start it was a very accessible place.

It was good to meet other people in the project face to face and to get a little bit of an idea of what each other is about. So thanks to everybody I met, heard and spoke to as it was very helpful in working out how I can contribute.

I still need to further discuss the bullet points in my letter of support with Craig but I feel more confident in knowing how they might be achieved. Craig and I agreed to firstly review some of the resources on jorum to see if any are suitable for re-purposing.

Anna Gruszczynska said

at 5:07 pm on Oct 21, 2010

Hi Phil, just a little note - you can start putting things on your page (rather than just the comments section) if you click on the edit button in the top corner of the page and then you will have access to a document which can be edited like any regular Word document, hope this helps!

Craig Hammond said

at 5:02 pm on Oct 22, 2010

I also found Thursday's trip down to Birmingham extremely informative and useful. Phil and I are continuing to discuss our developing ideas (within the remit of our particular environment), with a view to producing more concise tasks. Many thanks for the friendly and constructive meeting. Look forward to meeting up again soon. Craig

Helen Jones said

at 1:37 pm on Mar 21, 2011

Hi Phil and Craig - I'd love to see your prezi but it will not let me! Perhaps its setting is private? That is fine if it is 'work in progress' but if you want any comments on it (or if you simply want us to be amazed at your technical wizardry) can we see it?

Phil Johnson said

at 11:07 am on Mar 22, 2011

Hi Helen

Thanks for your optimism re our technical prowess but it might be a tad unmerited! I have not worked out yet how to do the path stages part of the prezi and I also think the plan may have been too small to see so I've amended it and checked that it's ok for public access. I hope you can see it now and welcome any comments.

Phil Johnson said

at 5:28 pm on Mar 22, 2011

Thanks Anna for the sharing prezis tip - I hope this works:


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