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Reflexive Task 4: Craig and Delyth

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 9 years, 5 months ago

Craig's notes from meeting with Delyth

Delyth explained that (in conjunction with Dafydd) she is developing a 10-credit SPSS OER module, to be followed-up with a 20-credit (follow-up) SPSS module. Some issues that have been flagged-up in the development of this so far are that the success with student engagement – with a view to them actively participating in, and producing materials – has been ‘patchy’; in that the online production and peer-evaluation of questionnaires did not produce a totally objective exercise. Students appeared unwilling to offer constructive criticism for ‘fear’ (maybe) of reprisal feedback from peers in relation to their own questionnaires.

Delyth and I discussed the uses and usefulness of Jorum; we agreed that the search facility on this mechanism is a tad limited, and that the materials that we have accessed have been ‘skeletal’. Similar to the issues identified by Phil and Mike, we noted that whilst the materials have been – indeed need to be – adapted to meet OER’ requirements, students tend to ‘question’ (or struggle to understand) the potential relevance of the resources outside of the formalised learning environment.

Delyth pointed out that there may be logistical issues in creating a fully OER-able resource out of the SPSS module(s), as the Welsh Blackboard (the mechanism on which the SPSS modules are to be made available) is not ‘open’ but regulated by Institutional access arrangements. We agreed that the adaptation and uploading of the materials to Jorum should alleviate this potential limitation.  


Delyth's notes from discussion with Craig 

Craig has been working with Phil and has found working in partnership very positive, especially as there have been constraints on his time due to illness. They have been developing a staff development programme on the use of OERs, 10 weeks in length, or about 33 hours of material. They are going to use voice thread, prezzi and so on, and will be uploading a couple of videos. They have also had a group of some 6 students on board, but mainly to transcribe the contents of the videos, as a full and accurate transcription appears to be a requirement when uploading videos. They will also be incorporating a questionnaire/survey at the end of the module for feedback.

I mentioned some problems Dafydd and I had encountered with students giving feedback to each other via a ‘chat room’, as they developed their questionnaires (the 1st part of their assessment in a 10 credit module). I felt there was a certain element of ‘the blind leading the blind’ and Craig mentioned that he had developed a peer assessment framework as part of previous work, but that the students themselves were not keen on using this, saying they were not qualified to assess their peers etc. Students accessing OER material, without the input of a lecturer, may prove to be more of a problem than we had anticipated.

Craig has looked at jorum and other sites but has not found a great deal of material. There have been some useful things, such as a PowerPoint but these tend to be skeletal. Has found the sites a tad difficult to search occasionally.

However, Craig remains very enthusiastic about the project and feels he has developed his skills during the past few months.




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