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Notes from 2 June 2011 project meeting

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 9 years, 3 months ago

This page hosts notes from cascade project partner meeting, 2 June 2011, Birmingham. 


OER issues

Which OER audiences are we targeting - students or lecturers? Are the students OER-ready – what are the prerequisites for open-ness? When it comes to students as co-creators of knowledge/resources, the resulting quality variable; what is the level of necessary intervention (if any)?

From partners’ experiences of their pedagogical practice, students engage with technology-enhanced learning mostly in the context of Blackboard, and tend to view that engagement in an instrumental fashion; there are issues around social access, availability of broadband, perceptions of different tools (for instance when it comes to tutors/lecturers using Facebook)

What about the economic context - what about postgraduate students and their expectations? What is the value for money of teaching resources? Phil brought up an OER dilemma - what if the resource is better than you? This could be really difficult if somebody is new to teaching. Is it the role of OERs to replace academics and achieve cost effectiveness?

The value of the cascade project – a more critical take on OERs, emphasis on pedagogy - mentioned in OER2011 Diana Laudrillard’s keynote


OERs as an intervention

ANARCHOGOGY - pedagogy without "rulers", leading without rules, reminding the students of what education could be; adopting an anti-corporate approach where we are experts in our field but don’t want to impose that knowledge, lead students in an empowered way; the concept relates to the edupunk module that Phil and Craig are working on. The concept engages with some fundamental questions what is the university? What is it for?

Some critique of the concept – questions from Richard: what empowers Craig to say this on behalf of the students? Why aren’t the students saying it? How is it more than just good teaching?

Craig mentioned some relevant theorists – Illich, Barthes (references to The Death of the Author - chaos of memories, values - there is an author but when you receive it you start to script personal meaning – in that context we could view the students as scriptors of the meaning; the concept of punctum)


September dissemination events

Very provisional plans mentioned at the partner meeting are as follows:

Phil&Craig – an in-house event looking at efficiency of OERs with Diana Laudrillard as guest speaker

Mike mentioned plans to organise a workshop to which colleagues from universities in the region may be invited

Dafydd - a series of workshops for small numbers of staff at three possible locations [lunchtime seminar format?] 


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