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Reflexive tasks: emerging themes

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 12 years, 10 months ago

The C-SAP cascade framework encourages a critical approach towards the processes of sharing and releasing resources and so reflection has been a core element of project methodologyThrough reflection, academic practice can be critically reviewed, better understood and tacit understandings can be made clear to others and to oneself, enhancing the potential of OERs to be shared and re-used. 


In the context of the project, the project team strove to create opportunities for the partners to reflect on the process of opening up teaching materials and explore issues around tacit practice, that isthe “story” of what is being taught, the institutional and pedagogical context in which the teaching process takes place, etc. Those opportunities included a set of four reflexive tasks addressing issues related to OER release, pedagogical frameworks, curriculum design and quality assurance. There were also a number of opportunities for interaction between the partners through face-to-face meetings, workshops and phone conversations aimed at supporting partners in the process of developing their understandings of OERs and articulating their approach towards OER creation and re-use.


How do I find out more about reflexive aspects of the C-SAP cascade framework?

There are two ways of interacting with the outputs of which emerged from our reliance on reflection as a cascade tool. First of all, you can access a dedicated page which pulls together links to reflexive tasks and the full text of partners' responses. Alternatively, you can browse selected excerpts from reflexive tasks and partner meetings, which have been organised according to the following themes:


Curriculum design and delivery

Institutional context: Teaching through the medium of Welsh

Institutional context: HE in FE

OER expertise

OER issues and dilemmas


Student engagement

Understanding of OERs

Web2.0 tools




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