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Reflexive task 2: Dafydd and Delyth

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 9 years, 2 months ago

During the "Exploring OERs" task Delyth and I focused our attention on enhancing our SPSS and quantitative research resources. This was fruitful as we identified immediately the OU SPSS course which could be used if we can successfully repackage it as part of our developing resources.


Following our conversation with Anna and Darren I've now gone back and tried to look more broader on the terms: SPSS, Wales, Welsh, Cymraeg (the Welsh for Welsh!) and elections. This was rather more frustrating. I didn't find much that would be useful for teaching purposes on JORUM in any of these categories - indeed as far as I can tell there are no Welsh Language resources at all on JORUM. There were the links to the OU courses such as 'Welsh History and its sources', but as a rich source of ideas I was rather disappiointed.


I then tried both the OER recommender and Merlot. Here there were more entries returned, but the relevant was generally questionable - institutional affiliations with Wales in the title would lead to a response, as would resources relating to New South Wales. I did find more resources on SPSS through merlot, but in each of these cases they were powerpoints for a particular course of lectures which would only really work as an interactive tutorial with an audio track. There were also links that didn't work.



Two things now strike me on these resources - one is that the OU resources are particularly effective and well put together - much more so that the other resources I came across while browsing. The second is the importance of teaching leadership - there are very few resources here that could be translated and presented as is - with a hope of then being used.


All in all a very interesting follow on to the task!


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