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Reflexive task 3: Phone conversation with Delyth

Page history last edited by Anna Gruszczynska 9 years, 2 months ago

Notes from Anna’s phone meeting with Delyth, 28 March 2011

Cascade framework task

We discussed issues raised in the write-up of the reflexive task and in particular the references to Y Porth as an OER repository – Y Porth is open to all colleges in Wales, however not open to those outside of Welsh colleges. Delyth and Dafydd will need to discuss any issues that might emerge when they attempt to release resources currently residing in Y Porth into Jorum (this is a programme requirement).


OER release

Delyth mentioned that Dafydd and herself are talking to Trinity St Davis university to develop a video-based resource on research methods, they have secured funding however the videos would not be ready by August (end of project) so she suggested to repurpose a different resource instead – this would be the second-year undergraduate research methods module developed as part of a C-SAP funded mini project. The course consist of ten units, it is mostly text-based and would need about three-four weeks’ worth of work to get it to a state where it can be openly released. Delyth will discuss with Dafydd timeline for releasing that resource, deposit into Jorum, technical issues as well as any support that might be required from C-SAP. Delyth will have a chance to talk through any issues related to OER release during a forthcoming call with Richard (part of his catch-up calls with all partners).


Student engagement

Delyth and Dafydd are planning to organise a focus group with the students. They will also approach the students more formally to ask for their permission to use students’ comments as part of the SPSS resource.

Anna will put together a bundle of resources on how best to introduce OERs to students that Delyth and Dafydd are working with on the masters programme, one of the students is a librarian with a good understanding of OERs already so that will be helpful.


Capturing the development of the cascade framework

Richard has started a discussion on how best to capture the process of developing the cascade framework and developing a rationale for OER design – some of the methods we looked at so far include diagrams, audio/video commentary tools such as voicethread etc. In terms of Delyth and Dafydd’s strategies for capturing progress – most of project-related work happens for Delyth and Dafydd over the phone, with both of them taking notes. This method seems to be working quite well, but they will also look into the possibility of using other tools and/or making that process of capture more explicit/structured.



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